Installation Process

What is the Installation Process?

1. Existing concrete is pressure washed

2. Dry-mixture applied

3. Gradual grading for water drainage

4. Pavers are set in place

5. Edges are trimmed

6. Border is set

7. Bonding agent activated by water

8. Two day cure and seal


Q: What is the difference between PaveScapes System and Traditional Pavers?
A: PaveScapes system allows you to keep your strong concrete foundation for pavers to be installed. The traditional paver method forces you to remove your existing concrete and replace it with dirt, gravel and sand before you install your pavers

Q: What types of concrete surfaces are eligible for your system?
A: PaveScapes system can be applied over most concrete surfaces such as: stained, pebble tech, painted, tiled, cracked or damaged concrete and much more.

Q: What size do your pavers come in?
A: Our pavers come in: 6″x6″ , 6″x9″ and bull nose

Q: How many paver color options do you have?
A: 11 colors

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